Quarks and Leptons in the Model of the Universe with a Minimum Initial Entropy
Petro O. Kondratenko

In this paper on the basis proposed by the author model of creation of the Universe as a part of the exfoliated space of the Super-Universe it is considered a scheme of weak interactions in two adjacent spaces: two-dimensional space (World-3) and our three-dimensional space (World-4). This analys is allowed us to treat the processes of weak interaction adequately describing the known experimental results. In particular, it has been shown that the bosons W± and Zo, responsible for the weak interaction, must be a part of his in the World-3, and the other - in the World-4. In the process of the weak interaction a virtual boson is emitted and absorbed by the same particle (quark, hadron). This W± - boson during the existence turns into Zo- boson, forming a particle-antiparticle pair (quarks in the World-3 and leptons in the World-4). Scattering and transformation of leptons is only possible on bosons W± and Zo, emitted by nuclei. In addition, the paper describes the mechanisms of instability of tau-leptons: 1) inelastic interaction with nuclei for causing pions π± or πo and tau lepton-neutrino, 2) the spontaneous decay of heavy leptons in the lungs, and 3) the reaction of the weak interaction.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijpa.v3n2a4