The Birth And Evolution Of The Universe With Minimal Initial Entropy
Petro O. Kondratenko

In this paper using the Law of similarity and the Law of unity a model of creation and evolution of the Universe proposed in which the laws of physics are performed. The model implies that our Universe is a part of a Super-Universe as a separate layer in the multi-fiber space, and the information communication exists between adjacent layers through the single delocalized point. During the formation of Super-Universe it was filled first a one-dimensional World of Field-time, then a two-dimensional (1 + 1) World was filled with energy and Planck’s particles which carry the electric and magnetic charges. Completion of two-dimensional World filling leads to an "overflow" of energy into the neighboring three-dimensional World which presents a World of known quarks that have the fractional electric charges, color charges, and spins. The next step is an "overflow" of energy into the four-dimensional (3 + 1) World and the birth of the particles of this World. Evolution of this World has a completion by the brane creation of five-dimensional World. The proposed model supports the anthropic principle in the Universe.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijpa.v3n2a1