Experimental Set-up of the 532nm Green Laser for the Measurement of the AC Stark Shift in a Cesium Fountain Clock
S. Ghezali

A short term stay at the LNE-SYRTE (Paris Observatory) has been accomplished in the summer 2007 in order to realise the optical set-up of a 532nm high power CW commercial green solid state laser (Verdi 5W). This green wavelength induces an AC Stark shift in the cesium fountain clock experiment FO1 [1]. The V5 laser is driven through a compact optical set-up into a 1, 1 cm hole microwave cavity where the 9.2 GHz clock interrogation is carried out. The present poster shows the details of the experimental optical set-up and demonstrates the use of a Thorlabs multimode optical fiber. A shift of 10-14 for 1W of green light is predicted [2]. We conclude this work by presenting the measured frequency shift induced for different intensities of the green laser [3].

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijpa.v2n3-4a1